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The treatment is Individual from patient to patient, Oren Zarif will do everything he can to help you, there is no guarantee of specific result and the result is individual for each patient

Senior physicians and scientists – he treated them all. Many around the globe today discover that a unique treatment method is taking over the world, succeeding – against all odds – to help many people with the Bosmat medallion.
Beyond the method, developed by Oren Zarif in order to help people who found no solution in conventional medicine and who attend his clinic daily, Zarif developed the energetic medallion containing special minerals and mixtures. The Bosmat medallion can be used to treat a wide variety of problems, even when patients are physically unable to visit his clinic or are in distant countries.


It is said that the solution to many illnesses can be found in nature. The problem, however, is that as science and technology progress, it is difficult to identify the natural resources and enjoy them. Even in ancient times, spiritualists and sages recognized the healing properties of crystals and special mixtures, which helped many people. From the dawn of history, the said sages used natural ingredients to improve health and protect against physical and emotional issues.
The method is based on unique formula including crystals and natural mixtures within Oren Zarif’s Bosmat medallion. The medallion, which we will elaborate on below, contains special minerals, magnetotherapy and several quality ingredients that, through endothermic substitution and boiling by Oren Zarif, transform into a winning combination to help the human body grow stronger and generate a self-healing process.


Who is Oren Zarif?
Oren Zarif is a pioneer of subconscious therapy, known as an international expert – among the best in the world – for subconscious treatment through psychokinesis and energetic treatments. Zarif is known and recognized around the world, appearing on dozens of channels in Israel and abroad, including Sky News, National Geographic, Fox and more.
According to Zarif, who has developed the Bosmat medallion for many years: “All of the diseases in this world are unequivocally caused by problems in the body’s energetic field”. According to him, “Cellular radiation, electrical antennas, global climate change, pollution and more, lead to energetic blockages that cause the body to operate on a different energetic level, making room for various diseases, such as severe forms of cancer, the appearance of various tumors, heart disease, CVA, Alzheimer, MS, hypertension, diabetes, blindness and more”.
Over the last two decades, Zarif successfully treated an endless number of cases. He now offers the Bosmat medallion to people who have difficulty leaving their homes or are unable to attend an appointment at the clinic.


Secrets of the Bosmat Medallion
The Bosmat Medallion stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and unblocks meridians. It is a metal medallion that contains minerals and special energetic forces that help people overcome many different problems. The medallion is made of several meticulously concocted minerals and magnetotherapy substances that help the body generate a self-healing process.
How does it work?
The medallion is compressed with special substances to which Zarif managed to apply specific monochromatic energy pulses that are absorbed by the mixture and various minerals based on their bifactorial emissiveness. Following the endothermic process, the materials are stimulated into a metastable state with a rechargeable lifetime based on the energetic shifts occurring within the wearer.
In simple terms, it’s like heating the substance in a microwave oven, but unlike the microwave oven that operates in a narrow energy band and CW, Zarif’s energy is generated by multiple frequencies and pulses that are specifically adapted to each patient’s problem.

According to him: “Two hours of the medallion around the patient’s neck are enough to cause the energy stored within the special compound to be emitted through a slow exothermic and diffusive process, opening up all of the energetic blockages and blocked meridians, encouraging the body to start a healing process”.
It is important to note that once the patients sit down, once a day, in the afternoon and/or evening, and calmly place the medallion on their neck, they are exposed to the therapeutic radiation. All of the materials identify the body temperature and generate an emission based on the patients’ emissiveness.
Zarif explains: “When the treatment ends, after removing the medallion, the color of the aura changes as the materials energetically return to their base state, leading to a change in the refractive index, which impacts the spectral return coefficients. Of course, it is important to use the medallion regularly and it is ineffective when transferred to one person to another, seeing that the materials are adapted to the energetic spectrum of an individual person, like a key or barcode.

How does Oren Zarif energize the materials in the medallion so they can act and help people?
Similarly to wireless charging using electromagnetic induction in order to charge a battery with an electrical battery through the air, Oren Zarif, with no physical contact, similarly conveys energy pulses at various frequencies according to the patient’s diagnosis. The pulses are very low frequency, so they can cross a huge range with hardly any attenuation, activating the patient’s treatment and healing in a manner similar to wireless charging.

Why is the Bosmat medallion treatment formula generating so much awe among thousands of patients?
Zarif prepares the Bosmat medallion and energetically adapts it to each of his patients around the world after understanding the depth of the problem through the website. The Bosmat medallion is delivered within ~7-10 days by express mail.
Oren Zarif is not a doctor and is not an alternative to conventional medicine.

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